News From the President’s Office:

I would like to thank everyone who has volunteered over the last 13 years in our programs, events and workshops. This year has been a catalyst of change for MAP Organization, on March 26 2015 we change the name of the organization to For Our Youth and with that change a new direction and new Board of Director Members has been added.

We ask you to continue to support us as we look to give the youth of this world a solid future. Our four pillars are to Motivate, Achieve, Pursue, Success (M.A.P.S.)

Around the world millions of youth are looking for outlets that will allow them to have a future. For Our Youth mission is to educate youth throughout the world in Financial Empowerment, Technology and Violence Prevention one community at a time. Our new Global Community is engaged and committed to sharing their knowledge and support to the next generation.

We are looking forward to our new programs in the country of Jamaica, as well as the current ones in the United States. This fall a team of volunteers will be assisting in setting up our office in Jamaica. For Our Youth, will be working in conjunction with the Ministry of Education in Jamaica to offer programs that will impact the lives of their youth.

Our programs in the United States will be spreading into new neighborhood, with a strong focus on offering more after school programs.

I look forward to giving more updates in the months to come and remember Our Future Are the Children of the World.

Gayle Newcomb
For Our Youth

We Would Love Your Help...

For Our Youth partners with other organizations and businesses to encourage youth to pursue a positive mindset in their daily life chooses; empowering them to advance forward and reach achievable destinations.


Our Vision

Throughout the world our youth are growing up without a clear understanding of their responsibility to their communities. Our vision is to change the communities by educating youth and renewing their minds so that they can live a positive life style one community at a time.
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The Power of Volunteering

"There is such power in any individual giving up their time in service to is so inspiring. Being able to have a strong community, making sure that people are proud of the place in which they live, all have to do with building those connections, and what better way to do that than volunteering." (Source: The Volunteer Center.)